How much importance should we place on health in life?


Life is a gift of God for us it depends on how we make valuable this life. Maintaining health is one of the biggest issues in today’s world. People are spending their time on computers, online gaming, and social media while sitting on a chair. That’s why they have faced many health-related problems such as depression, anxiety, frustration, and body Harmons in balance. “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset that any country can have” A healthy person can serve the nation or society because they know splendiferous advantages of a healthy lifestyle for a healthy mind. The word health considers not only physical health but also mental health. A better mind can grow mental strength. Health is very important for us it increases our quality of life and strength of the body.

Incrementation of physical and mental strength

Good health is the center of happiness if you are healthy so your mind and physics will be good that’s why you can do every work in a great manner. Happiness contributes to wealth and the economy which helps to avoid disease and health issues. Following a welled diet and daily base exercise can give you an opportunity for success and unique identity.

According to many research those people who live in the urban or suburban area they life expectancy is less and must face many diseases. They don’t have time for yoga, gym, or outdoor games that’s why they are suffering from the health-related issue. Those people who live in the rural area they face fewer health problems because they do physical activities a lot and their immune system are strong.

Advancement of Physical strength

A person can avoid body-related problems such as body pain, skin and eye problems which are directly related to our body and a healthy diet with at least 30 minutes of daily exercise will be the solution. Physical strength makes you eligible to participate in any game and serve the nation and community. There are many exercises and diet plans which are useful for physical strength.

·   Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits will be beneficial for the body. It provides important vitamins and element to the body which is required for body functions. Fruits and vegetables are useful in maintaining physic as well as preventing diseases.

·     Functioning of every par o body must require exercise and activities which can be complete by gym, yoga, or physical activities.

·  Maintaining physical strength open the doors of the educational and work opportunity sector which decides the future of a student.

Advancement of Mental strength

Mental strength is very important for a child or student for development. Today’s lifestyle is forgetting good healthy lifestyle that’s why most of the child and student have to face many challenges while growing in their life such as growing body functions and structures. A healthy mind is home to an idea, creation,  knowledge that’s why it is important to increase its strength.

·        Medication and breathing exercises are very helpful for mental health it helps to body circulation and release depression and anxiety.

·        Concentration helps to focus on a particular work which makes you get professional or expert in a particular activity.

·        Consumption of vitamins, Portions and good nutrition make our mind strong and give the energy to think and work.

Healthy life expectancy

One of the best benefits of a healthy lifestyle is long life expectancy which increases happiness and joy. A healthy person doesn’t have to waste his money on medicine or doctors. That’s why it gives chance to the investment of your money which will be a partner of your upcoming life. In today’s world especially in India people live around 60 years but earlier our life expectancy was longer. It happened because of our bad lifestyle. Some people don’t take their health seriously and they think one day all we have to die. But in long run, they have to regret their decision. They drink, smoke, and eat an unhealthy diet, according to research consumption of smoke and drink decrease our life expectancy by 14 years. There are innumerous effective health benefits of quitting smoking and drinking that one must know. Avoid this unhealthy food extend our 14 years which means you can spend time with your family and friends and enjoy each moment of your life.

There is a quote “A healthy outside starts from inside” If we don’t healthy inside so we can’t find happiness and success outside it starts from us. If we want to grow and grab the opportunities so, we have to make able for that and health leads a very important role. We can’t ignore our health it not only saves our money from diseases but also give us a life full of happiness and joy. Parents always want that their child would healthy all time. If their child is suffering from illness or disease so they will also be sad and depressed. So, you are healthy and fit your relationship with your parents would be always good. As we are in the 21st century how important health is? Everyone wants a healthy person in life who can support or help. We all should focus on nutrition and exercises which is not too difficult. It will bring happiness, wealth, and success to our life.

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