Noun a Basic Approach to English Learning.

The noun is one of the most important chapters in Grammar’s view. It is English grammar basics like the base of a building and other chapters are like the floors in the Grammar book. You may have read types of nouns and its definition when you were a kid. You probably need a quick revision to remember it once again in case it is out of your mind completely but you need not worry about it here are both a noun definition and examples.

Here is a noun definition that you surely read in your childhood.

The name of a person, place or thing is called a noun.                                                                  

                                  school(name of a thing)                   London (name of a place)              Ram (name of a person)

There is another definition of noun with examples; a noun is something which can be seen, heard, felt or touched.


       Happiness                      rainbow                             flowers                                     anger

Type of nouns

1.     Proper noun

2.     Common noun

3.     Collective noun

4.     Abstract noun

5.     Material noun

c    Compound noun

Proper noun

There is a very ordinary noun definition for Kids which we mistakenly call the definition of a noun. The name of a person, place or thing is called a noun but this is for a proper noun.

Proper noun examples: India (name of a country), Albert Einstein (name of a mathematician) and Cricket (name of a game).

There are very simple rules for the usage of proper nouns which one need to be aware of. The bold letters in the below sentences are the proper nouns.

1.     Always write the proper nouns in the first letter capital.

ð The name of my country is India.

ð Cricket is one of the most joyful games all over the world.

2.     Don’t use any article with the proper nouns.

ð The Mr. Jackson is a doctor. ( X )

ð Mr. Jackson is a doctor.

ð I like to play the Football with my friends at the park on Sundays. ( X )

ð I like to play Football with my friends at the park on Sundays.

Common noun

The words that do not specify any particular words are called common nouns. I have used the above examples to clarify more about the common noun.

  Types of common nouns

(Singular)                                              (Plural)

è Singular common noun shows a single quantity of something.

Examples: a boy, a laptop and a great idea.

Note:- A singular common noun always takes an article ( A, An or The).

·       He gave me a pen and a notebook on my birthday.

·       My friend is looking for a book wherein he can have a summary of Earth.

è Plural common noun shows a large number of something.

 Examples: Students, people, and cars.

ð The name of my country is India. (There are a lot of names for anything as well as countries in the world.

ð Cricket is one of the most joyful games played all over the world. (There are many different types of games).

ð Mr. Jackson is a doctor. (There are specific doctors according to the diseases).

Collective noun

When we use a single word for a group or collection that the word represents a collective noun.

Examples: a class of students, an army of soldiers, a fleet of ships, and a bunch of crooks. 

Some examples of Collective nouns.

1.     A shower of rain

2.     A stack of wood

3.     A cloud of dust

4.     A choir of singers

5.     A group of dancers

6.     A range of mountains

7.     A basket of fruits

8.     A group of men

9.     A bevy of ladies

10.  A class of students

ð The elephant saw an army of ants walking towards the river with food.

ð A A bunch of crooks has plundered the bank today and run away with approximately 10 billion dollars.

ð After the rain, a herd of cattle was grazing in the field full of green grass.

*Note:- a collective noun requires an article before we use it.

Abstract Noun

There are innumerable words that can be only felt or heard but not counted are a part of nouns. These are called abstract nouns.

Examples: Anger, hatred, Happiness, seriousness, hunger, and thrust.

·       These nouns are uncountable so be careful to use them.

ð It is better not to talk to him because his anger is at its peak now.

ð Your work is not up to the mark hence you need to work with seriousness.

ð When she cleared her exam, the happiness could easily be seen through her beaming eyes.

Material Noun

The substance from which other things are made are called material nouns.

Examples: Silver, gold, milk, and flour.

ð I bought a bed of wood.

ð She cooked fritters with fine flour, spinach, and mustard oil while it was raining heavily outside.

ð They love to drink a milkshake made up of cream and milk at night.

You have read the ordinary definition of noun with examples with a lot of detailed sentences but do you think that there are only five types of nouns? The answer is no because there is one more type of noun which is a compound noun.

Compound Noun

When we use a noun with two or more than two nouns together and gives a relevant meaning is called a compound noun.

 Examples: Pencil colors, Swimming pool and Water cooler, etc.

ð I enjoyed myself a lot when I went to the waterpark and had a bath in the swimming pool.

ð She uses pencils colors in her sketches which makes them more beautiful.

ð Her son-in-law work and I work in the same company.

The above bold words are examples of compound nouns. You can use them easily just another noun.

Thanks to visit this page It is an English blog for students and gives them precious knowledge which is a great step towards English learning. I hope it was an easily understandable lesson on noun definition and its different types that could confuse you, but now it might not be the same as now you have had detailed information about this chapter. In case there is something that you did not get, kindly share it with us by using the contact page.

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