Guidelines for a Guest Post

Every write wants his works to be read and appreciated by billions of peoples. If you wish to get your articles posted on, there are certain guidelines that you must know before you forward us a request for submitting a post. This is trustable website where your knowledgeable articles can substantially reach to a million of people and leave a remarkable mark in their heart. This little initiative can proliferate and burgeon the reading habits in thousands of hearts remotely. There are some guidelines that you should go through if you really want an instant approval from the admin for your posts.

1.     Title: The title of your post should not exceed 6 words and be attractive enough to mesmerize the readers so that they can’t help reading it at any cost. It should represent the topic what it is about so that anyone can get an exact idea about the post.

2.     Article: You writing needs to be creative and ideological with unique informative facts and researches. The article must be unique and plagiarism free completely. It shouldn’t be a scrap copy from any other website.

3.     Word Limit: This is really an important point for a writer to submit his works remotely. The word limit for an article should be minimum 1000 words or above. If it exceeds the given limit, it will be highly appreciated largely.

4.     Links: Your added links in the article should not contain any website with sexual content or intoxicating substances. 

5.     Picture: You article should have a unique image that can demonstrate the inner matter and support your article. It must not be downloaded from any website.

6.     Headings: Your article should have minimum 3 - 4 headings describing the issue in a detailed explanation. Each headline should define it with introduction, main body of the article, causes and suitable solutions for the problem etc.

7.     Spam free: Your overall work must be spam free to be approved by the concerned authority.

8.     Language: Although all the languages are used for communication with people but the language for your article should be English only for this website.

9.     Personalize: After being published the article, the admin has power to handle, add something, delete the incorrect information or improve it with better substitutions accordingly.

10.  Contact: In case you agree to the above guidelines, can feel free to send a request for publishing a guest post on at any time. For contact, directly mail us to We are available 24x7 for your support.

If you are ready to follow the guidelines, you can submit your article for the below mentioned categories.

Ø  Grammar Facts

Ø  Health

Ø  Lifestyle

Ø  News

Ø  Marketing

Ø  Entertainment

Ø  Environment

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