How E-Marketing affects Marketing ?


The development of information technology and internet marketing has changed business and marketing. There is a major rule of E-marketing in the current marketing world. Now a days, E-marketing is replacing all traditional methods of marketing. Presently it is accessible to around 82.57% of the total population from everywhere across the world. Building Websites and promotional activities, social media marketing career, and advertisement are the main structure of E-marketing. E-Marketing impacts not only the manufacturing of a product but also builds a relationship between a customer and an owner. The future of marketing will depend on e- marketing that’s why most of the businessmen and entrepreneurs are adopting a new method for business growth. There are so many aspects wherein e-marketing has shown remarkable consequences and amazing improvements in sales.

Information technology (IT) has changed the way of marketing. People rely on e-marketing that’s    why they prefer social media and online internet methods of advertisement and promotions. It is not a cheap way that’s why rural or underprivileged areas are not able to accept this e- marketing. It requires a strategy, creation, distribution, Promotion, and the price according to the place and customers.

The future of Marketing and existence of E-marketing

Changes are necessary for everyone to grow in life. Many entrepreneurs think if they don’t follow the method of e-marketing so what will be the future of marketing? India is a developing country people prefer online and simple method for daily works like shopping, studying, learning and gaming that’s why they are spending their most of the time on the internet. Online marketing is very popular among us because we can compare product features and prices to other company’s products and it is very easy to buy in less time. E-marketing of something can be a contains both a product and any service with a view to provide satisfaction as per the requirement of people. The upcoming era will born with e-marking that’s why every businessman has to come on the internet for marketing.

Most people prefer offline marketing methods and ways but there is a limit to offline marketing. We can promote our product to some group of people who live near but E- marketing can promote or use on an international level Amazon and flipkart are the best example of it. We can easily get any item according to the color, size, material, and brand in E-marketing. We can share our experience on websites and applications whether our experience was good or bad. When people see a customer’s reviews, they will make a perception of that product, good reviews create a relationship between a customer and a client.

The pros and cons of E-Marketing

Whether E-marketing is better than traditional marketing method or everything must have some advantages and disadvantages. As Technology is growing, we can see many changes in our lifestyle. The company organizes much research via websites and apps of people's interest and what people see in a product then most of the companies make their curriculum to target the people.

The pros of E-Marketing

Relationship with the customer - Most of the companies focus on decoration and greeting. We see greeting with our name on websites it encourages people to feel happy and builds a amicable relation. The design of the website must look attractive to the customers where they can find easily what they are looking for and if the customer has any information and support related to the product, he       can find the best solution.

Easy to access by a large number of people – People can access from anywhere If a customer lives in India and he wants to buy something from the USA so he can buy easily. The same scenario happens in a rural area too. Customers can easily find with the help of a smartphone or a computer that’s why this is one of the best features of online marketing.

Promotion and advertisement – Companies have a big concern about promotion because it requires too much money. E-marketing opens innumerous doors for promotions on multiple online platforms through social media and websites to find out market problems. Everybody is familiar with social media and is connected with it. Many companies take to support social media for their promotion. It is an easy way of promotion. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are also the method of advertisements. 

The cons of E-Marketing

Review of the customer – Most of the websites have a separate section of the review where customer can give his rating and review. When other people visit and see the review so they buy or don’t buy. Review matters a lot for a company. Sometimes, it manipulates people if people see the negative review and comments so they will not buy that product. It decides the future of that company.


Expertise in E-Marketing – To run a business on the internet you must know some areas of marketing. Customer interest, communication, product satisfaction, and strategies require a team and good knowledge for making. That’s why E-marketing is not an easy task it requires  more attention for grownups.

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