What is Social Media?

Social media is a wonderful platform with such an incredible facility that connects the peoples in a single thread of technology with one another and promotes the sociality on an international level. In this contemporary world there are many types of social media apps like Instagram, You tube, Facebook, What’s app, E- mail and many more apps which are most commonly used by peoples. It is a way of sharing information digitally from one place to another one in a few seconds.

The importance of Social Media

 In 1900’s the basic need for a human being were Food, Home, and Clothes but some more things have been added in that are Internet and social media. Earlier the medium of sharing news was newspaper, verbal message or a written letter that was extremely time – taking process for delivery, but with the passage of time things have been upgraded to a pro level. In today’s digital era the importance of social media has become the part and parcel part of each life as everybody is connected to it whether it is direct or indirect. When something new occurs in the world, it spreads its impact almost everywhere. In the starting it was not at all easy to use digital social media like today. Currently people are using the latest version of social media which is much faster than that of used earlier. This helps to act upon the distinct relations through an online service even from far off places. There are indescribable benefits of social media that are very difficult for one to share, but one can easily tell how would be a single day without it, that is almost impossible today. There are many points that emphasize the essentiality of social media.

     ·    Employability : These days there are many MNCs (multinational companies) that has laid their foundation in different countries. These companies provide ample jobs to their citizens living in the same country hence the people have one more option. It also helps people to work from home facility.
·   Globalization : The transfer of human beings, goods, and services, capital, technologies or cultural from one country to another is called globalization. With the help of social media it has increased and burgeoned the import & export of indispensable things across the nations.

    ·      IT Sector : It plays a crucial role in the maintenance of network and providing services which also provides a number of jobs to the people in IT sector.

    ·       Information : Social media is a boon for news agencies because if something happens anywhere it directly receives the news from that area. The news agencies show it on T.V. and websites for the awareness.

     ·        Education : It has become easy now to study in abroad or learn from foreign mentors sitting at your home via internet online.

      ·         Culture : When we use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we share our picture and it shows our culture. The latest example; the western countries have adopted themselves at Indian attires and religious activities.

     ·       Tourism : The people visit from various countries to see the histories monuments and famous places. Social media lets them know about it.

      ·         Foreign Affairs : It also reforms our international amicability and gives them a way to trade. People do shopping from foreign sites and brands.

As the online platform has become the easiest way to target a large number of audience and fulfil their needs hence the entrepreneurs have taken their business online and started to provide their products and services across the world. To handle this platform, they need digital marketers who make it possible.

Careers in social media marketing

By now you may have understood how important the social media is in today’s time. You probably have this question in your mind that social media is one of the topmost growing industries, but how to start a career in social media. To answer this question, there are a lot of job roles that need to be performed efficiently to be fit in this line. As we know that not everyone can do all of these hence their job roles are already categorized separately.

The below information provides a brief information about social media marketing career path that one can go with in the beginning and start one’s career in this field.

    è Content Creation

    è Social Medial Marketing

    è Data scientist

    è Web developer

    è Graphic Designer

    è SEO (social engine optimization)

    è SMO (social media optimization)

    è DEP ( data entry operation)

    è E-mail Marketing

    è Lead generation

    è Professional blogging

You must choose of these options wisely and learn it first completely. After you have expertise in one of these things you can go for your own star up or apply for a job in a company. You can apply for the below posts according to your proficiency and make your career in social media marketing.

        ·        Content writer

        ·        Social Media Specialist

        ·        Digital Marketer

        ·        Engagement Coordinator

        ·        Data Analyst

        ·        Graphics Designer

        ·        Web Designer

        ·        Social Media Marketer

        ·        Lead Generator

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