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Hello everybody I am very thankful to you that you made time out of your extremely hectic schedule to visit this page to know much about this blog. It means learning appeals to your interest a lot. This is an English blog for students to provide them with useful knowledge about the English language. You get free English grammar lessons which are beneficial for all academics, competitive exams, skill development, business writing, language improvement, and knowledge enhancement. Learning becomes even easier with factitive information which relates a reason for the cause.

In English Grammar, we will be covering the below chapters completely.

        1.      What is noun and types of noun with example

        2.      Pronoun

        3.      Types of adjectives in English

        4.      Adverb

        5.      Verb (finite)

        6.      Verb (non-finite)

        7.      Article

        8.      Preposition

        9.      Interjection

        10.   Conjunction

        11.   Determiners

        12.   Inversion

        13.   Narration

        14.   Voice

        15.   Transformation of sentences

        16.   Clauses

        17.   Phrases

        18.   Tense

        19.   Modals examples and their functions

        20.   Types of conditional sentences

        21.   Subject-verb-agreement

        22.   Question tag

        23.   Synthesis

        24.   Contractions

        25.   Parallelism

        26.   One word substitutions

        27.   Idioms

        28.   Phrasal verbs

        29.   Homonyms and Paronyms

        30.   Sentence improvement

        31.   Advanced vocabulary

        32.   Kind of Sentences

        33.   Phobias

        34.   Additional Translation rules

I try to make your learning a bit easier and more enjoyable with some unique methods that will help you learn English grammar online in a simple way. You may know “Slow and steady wins the race” similarly even slow progress can turn into great achievements in learning. Here you have many categories like grammar facts and informative articles with facts about importance of health in our daily life, latest entertainment news to keep you posted about ongoing status across the world. I will publish at least two articles weekly.

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