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5 Best Grammar Rules for IELTS 2022

What is the IELTS examination?

The International English language testing system is the full form of the IELTS exam. It is one of the international English examinations in order to examine a student’s efficiency level. It helps you for various purposes in case you wish to study, get a high-paying job, or migrate to an English-speaking county across the world. There are a handful of prominent countries the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada in the queue.

Why go for IELTS?

The reason may vary from person to person for the IELTS exam preparation. In case you are going to one of the major English-speaking countries for further studies, a better job profile, or migrating, you are required to take this exam.

Thousands of organizations, institutions, and companies prefer IELTS results for giving preference in their countries. One must have excellent English language efficiency to score well on this test. This test is completely based on English language knowledge.

IELTS Exam Pattern

If you are making up your mind to start the preparation for the IELTS examination in the future, you should know the exam pattern. It will help you prepare better and score good marks.

The test consists of four sections as follows;

S No.





30 Minutes



60 Minutes



60 Minutes



11-15 Minutes


The English language experts recommend Grammar is the key to scoring high marks in the IELTS examination. Here is a good deal of grammar tips for ielts examination. These will surely help you in all the sections.

Tip 1. As well as: It is a coordinating conjunction.

When we connect two subjects with the ‘As well as’ conjunction, it always takes the verb as per the first subject.

For example,

1.         I as well as my all friends am smoking in my free time. (The first subject is ‘I’)

2.         The manager as well as all the employees is ready for the conference. (The first subject is singular)

3.         Romeo as well as his parents was going to the wedding party. (The first subject is ‘Romeo’)

Tip 2. Each and every: it is a distributive adjective.

Each + (Singular Noun) + and + Every + (Singular Noun) + Singular Verb

Every + (Singular Noun) + and + Every + (Singular Noun) + Singular Verb

Each + (Singular Noun) + and + Each + (Singular Noun) + Singular Verb

For example,

1.         Every girl and every boy is intelligent in our country.

2.         Every teacher and each student goes to school.

3.         Each mobile and each laptop has good internet connectivity.

Tip 3. One of the (superlative degree) + Plural noun + Singular verb

If we use this sentence structure, make sure you use the plural with it.

For examples,

1.         One of the important factors is Grammar in learning English.

2.         One of his friends was an I.A.S. officer.

3.         One of the most prominent prime ministers is Narender Modi.

Tip 4. Past indefinite tense

 It is a very important tense in the EILTS examination. These adverbs always show past indefinite tense.

Ago, before, last time/ year/ month/ night, the other day, and the other morning or any past dates.

For example,

1.         He visited Goa with his family in 2021.

2.         She applied for one regular pizza on his last birthday.

3.         They all prepared for ielts exam 2022.

Tip 5. Always use a sing verb after these words.

Each of / either of / neither of / everyone of / one of / + Plural (Noun/ Pronoun) + Singular verb

For example,

1.         One of the boys is corona positive in his class.

2.         Each of us is ready to take the test at any time.

3.         Every one of our friends is working in MNCs.

4.         Either of the options is correct.

5.         Neither of his suggestions is acceptable.

These are the 5 best grammar rules for IELTS. It mainly focuses on Grammar for IELTS Cambridge examination. If you keep learning and using such rules on regular basis, mark my words you will surely score beyond your expectations.

What is the IELTS exam fee?

The ielts exam fee may differ from county to county. It is very important to know the fee structure of this test. As it is conducted internationally, therefore, the fee may seem a bit costly, but it is compulsory for all students.

The aspirants have to pay Rs 15500/- for the IELTS exam fee India as the registration fee. It is for both paper-based examinations and computer-based tests.

If we talk about the USA, there are more than 40 official test centers in the main cities. The ielts exam fee in USA is between $245 - $255 USD.


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