Inevitable Reality of Life

Life is a constant process of befooling our mind to have a little hope for tomorrow’s betterment. It is an amazing journey for everybody of different aspects like euphoria, melancholy, excitement, emotions, affection, resentment, nervousness and optimism of such beautiful moments so travel its all the stages. As per the Vedic concepts our life has a limited duration and will expire soon one day. Nobody knows which day is our last day but we still try to keep procrastinating things for tomorrow instead of living it today. Every day comes up with an unprecedented problems wherein our sagaciousness must answer it tit for tat because nothing is permanent in this world whether it is your problem, happiness or even your existence. Life is so simple but we make it extremely complexed with avaricious intentions and our unachievable targets in life. Expectations in life always present resentments thus our intentions should never expect anything from anyone in returns.

 Every day the life is getting shorter and shorter. It always burdens of responsibilities each days. The time we have spent, will never come back to us, but it will surely show the outcomes whether we have invested it with our toiling efforts to make the life better or wasted it with irrelevant activities.

After being researched and profound studies with various life examples, I have come to the conclusion that it never happens what we hope for in our life rather that happens what we are afraid of. Your today has more relevance than yesterday and your tomorrow will have more relevance than today itself. It is up to us whether we are despondent for the day that has already passed and make our today the worst for it rather leave it and prepare for the upcoming days ahead.

Today when almost everybody is worried about the unpredictable futuristic incidents of life whether he is a businessman, self- employed, professional, student or even a job doer. Each of them has various liabilities in life and live it with full of insecurities and uncertainties. He somehow manages his present day and hope that tomorrow will be a better one and if the tomorrow passes the same as today, there is once again a hope for overmorrow (the day after tomorrow) that it may surely be a better one. Here are some extraordinary steps that can help you change your life completely. Probably everybody’s life has circumstances like emotions, targets, healthy, opportunities, family and friends, responsibilities, exams, determination for self - improvement, risks and lastly death.  I have come to the conclusion that these steps are the part and parcel factors of each life. If we focus on the above factors of life with consistency it can bring forth indescribable consequences in one’s life.

1.    Emotion and feelings :- emotions always bind us with affection and cause exasperation and lack of  determination. Don’t let your life be run with such factors of life. I know each has feelings and emotions in life, but these should not contribute in discontinuation of your journey. You must work somewhere for your abilities, talents, interests not with an emotional attachment. It hurts in long run because separation is one of the most inevitable realities of life.

2.    Opportunities :- We keep getting a lot of opportunities in our life for our capabilities, intelligence, talents and skills we have acquired from practice or our experience. Opportunities always come up with for your advancement. We must avail ourselves of it instead of letting it go because we think a lot about the future and question our potentials and remain at the same level for rest of our life.

3.    Risks :- Mostly people fear from risks in life. They are afraid of losing their present oppositely focus on hitting the risks and making their mark. Risks present the opportunities to lay one’s life and if you succeed in defeating it, you sparkle shines the world. At the age of 25 where there are less responsibilities you possess and afraid of taking risky, I suggest you not to try it later because it out be more hazardous later than present.

4.    Heath :- your health is a crucial factor in each of these steps of life because a healthy mind presents in a healthy body. You must focus on your health and maintain it. You can perform yoga, meditation or exercises. It will empower you for your daily activities.

5.    Family and Friends :-  In each’s life family and friends keep immense significance. We always try to treat them better. They are the people who always stand by us come what may. They motivate us, provide us with required necessities, are in grief when we fail and are delighted when we succeed in life. We must make time for them no matter however hectic our schedule may be. Because when this part of your life is absence, no achievements matter.

6.    Responsibilities :- Human beings are laden with innumerous answerabilities in life. It always increase with age stage. Everybody in life has different responsibilities to take and work for it. The sooner we accept it, the better it is. Responsibilities don’t excavate us these rather mold us in the best version of ourselves.

7.    Determination for self – improvement :- The best way to be prominent in life is to focus on the areas of self – improvements. Because it introduces us to the loopholes we have made in life. If we dare to accept our mistakes and learn to reform them. There is no one in this universe who has never committed a mistake, but mostly people keep repeating the same over and over again rather than learn from it and endeavor not to repeat it again in the future.

8.    Death :- it is known to separate our soul from this physical body. This experience has remained indescribable yet. Our mind is attached with the love, care and avarice of this attractive world. Our responsibilities never lets us go freely to leave this world as these always increases with the time. We set our targets in life to be achieved before we pass away, but human is such a creature on this planet who can never ever be satisfied with accomplishments of life. The life is a limited addition and none can aggrandize its duration.

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