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5 Habits that changed my life!

Today I am going to share 5 Daily habits to improve life . Everyone has some benefits from these habits. We can change our lives with the help of habits. There are small habits that can make a difference in the course of your life. The good things we do (habits) make us better people, and the better we get, the more successful we become. Some people have good habits and some people have bad habits, but the key is to change, and with time these new habits will be good ones. "Habit is a force that cannot be seen or felt until it has brought about a certain end." - Winston Churchill I have inherited these few habits from my parents and they came a way into my life. First, I started to think of these habits as laws and after being aware of them I started to obey them. Second, I decided that I would make an effort to follow them (because our parents tell us that we are doing something good by following the law). Then, with time I realized the importance of these habits. We should

5 Tips to Improve English listening skills

Do you have problems with listening skills? Do you feel that you are unable to understand what others say and also find it hard to make yourself understood? Well, get more confidence in your listening skills just by reading this article. Here are some tips and tricks for improving your listening skills quickly. This article will give insight into the importance of listening skills and then explain some techniques on how to improve them quickly. Is it possible to learn English in no time? Are you sick and tired of finding ways to learn English quickly? Learning English is not as easy as a walk in the park for sure. Therefore everyone knows that learning a foreign language is a bit difficult and takes a lot of time to learn it. But there are different ways to learn it quickly, anytime, and anywhere in the world. There are four aspects that one needs to master to learn a language. These are reading, speaking, writing, and listening. Although all four are equally important to have a g

Best Tools for Content Writers

If you want to write an article, email, blog post, and presentation, you must need some free online content writing tools for the right use of grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary and it should be in the correct format, without errors, and right uses of punctuation marks. Screenwriters, authors, freelance writers, Journalists, and students take the help of grammar checker tools and these tools are best to learn English too. Most companies hire staff for proofreading and to fix minor errors in grammar. It is so­­­ costly than free grammar checker tools. There are several tools available on the Internet which is helpful for grammar glitches. We will discuss some major aspects of English grammar where we should take the help of the grammar checker tool definitely, it will increase our quality of work as well as productivity. There are several aspects of grammar for content writing such as key research, headline analyzer, SEO, and plagiarism. Content should be free from plagiar

7 ways to apologize differently

Mistakes are the natural behavior of human life. We all have done something wrong and made mistakes once in life. When it comes to apologizing, we say sorry. If we are at the workplace and spill the glass of water so simply, we say sorry. Sometimes, constantly using a sorry word, seems a little less meaningful. There are so many places and work where we need to apologize in different ways which shows your sincerity and professionalism. If you are in the office so, what can be the different ways to apologize professionally ? You should use some professional slang words while saying sorry or apologizing. There are so many Grammar checker tools that help to identify and correct uses of phrases if you are new to learning English, these tools will enhance your professionalism and knowledge of slang words, and phrases. Writing and speaking are the two different parts of English, and both have different slang for apologizing that make it more meaningful for you to apologize. There are several

How I learnt to speak fluent English in no time?

Learning a new language can be difficult and overwhelming, but it is not impossible. In fact, English turned out to be the most straightforward language to learn. With this blueprint guide that I have used, talk like a native speaker in no time! Learning English sounds amazing, but it is even more difficult to learn for non-native speakers and they keep a question in their minds about  how to speak in English easily . For people who speak English as a second language, it is really a tough call to communicate with people in English. Some people give up after a few attempts and some people try and try but don’t achieve their goals. I always dreamt of speaking fluent English. I started learning it in my country, but it didn't help much. Last year, I followed these methods and am happy to share with you that today I can speak fluent English confidently. Here are five tips I used to  speak English fluently and confidently . I hope these tricks would surely be helpful for you.        

11 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Dumb

It really and truly seems very difficult to learn English grammar step by step, especially in the absence of an experienced mentor, but do you know what the best way to English is? If you are at a beginner or an intermediate level, you are probably making a lot of loopholes. I will share a list of the most common mistakes that almost everybody is making while speaking and writing. There are 11 grammar goofs that make you look dumb in front of people you use English.           1.     You are better than me           2.     Beside or besides           3.     Should have or should had           4.     Than and then           5.     Me and my friend           6.     More good or better           7.     Each other or one another           8.     Their or there           9.     Don’t or Didn’t           10.  To study or for studying           11.  Used to doing or used to do Hello English learners, it’s great to have you here. It shows that you are an amazing Englis